Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

… for “Heavenly Lips”


No Pain!

No Bruising!

No Lumpiness!

No Nurse Injectors!


Full, corpulent lips are considered feminine, sensual and inviting.

Lip Augmentation is one of our most commonly requested procedures because adding volume and shape to the lips adds appeal to the entire face.

While everyone’s lip shape is slightly different and we may not all have what we consider to be the perfect pout, it is possible to enhance what you already have.

By injecting TGA-approved Dermal Filler into the lips the Lip Augmentation is easily and painlessly performed.

There are many TGA-approved Dermal Fillers on the Australian market. However, despite all being approved, they do vary in duration.

Therefore, always ensure you choose an experienced practitioner and a reputable, TGA-approved Dermal Filler by adhering to the following criteria:

  • Check that your doctor is well experienced in Dermal Fillers and don’t be afraid to ask how long they have been injecting them.
  • Ensure the product being offered to you is TGA-approved.
  • Be very cautious about ‘cheap injectable deals’ as they may reflect a cheap, illegally imported and unsafe product.
  • If you’re going to be treated by a Nurse, remember that it is ILLEGAL for a Nurse to inject a Dermal Filler unless you have first had a consultation with the Cosmetic Physician of that clinic.  For a proper assessment, this should be a face-to-face consultation and not a Skype consultation.  Currently, the Government is reviewing the legislation in relation to Skype consultations.

How to attain a nicer result!

Bear in mind that anyone can inject you with a Dermal Filler and create bigger lips. However, bigger lips alone are not necessarily heavenly lips. Heavenly lips need shape, definition and proportion – not just volume – and this only comes about from a sense of artistry on the part of the Cosmetic Physician injecting you.

How is it done?

The procedure is performed by Dr Nelson Sucgang, himself and takes around 20-30 minutes.  We do not have Nurse Injectors.

After marking your lips, Dr Nelson Sucgang will inject a small amount of local anaesthetic to render your treatment PAINLESS. Nurses are not legally permitted to inject local anaesthetics, and this is one reason we don’t have Nurse Injectors.

Dr Nelson Sucgang does not inject every patient the same way.  Instead, he works together with every patient to plan and deliver the exact look they are looking for.  Dr Nelson will ask you to tell him precisely how you want your lips to look, and before he uses up all the filler in the syringe, Dr Nelson will hand you a mirror for your comments as to where you would like the rest of the filler to be placed. This is the way Dr Nelson artistically customises all Lip Augmentations and delivers the ‘look’ each patient wants.

Foxwell Cosmetics approaches Lip Augmentation artistically and customise each person’s procedure according to their lip’s requirements.

The procedure is performed painlessly under local anaesthetic nerve block similar to that used by dentists. During the treatment, our doctor will invite your input so that you can decide exactly how full you would like your lips to be.

How will it look?

The Fillers used are all ‘hydrophilic’ – meaning they temporarily attract water from the surrounding tissues. Mild and temporary swelling of the lips is usual for the first 72 hours. This swelling settles by 72 hours and the volume of the lips then returns to that produced by the Dermal Filler alone.

The local anaesthetic ‘block’ wears off after about 1 hour.  Please avoid any firm pressure to the lips during the first 72 hours e.g. biting on hard foods such as apples, hard applications of lipstick, and passionate kissing.  Doing so could cause the filler to move before it has integrated into your lip tissues.

How long will it last?

The average duration of correction is 9-18 months depending on the brand and form of filler you choose. In any event, a top-up can be performed whenever desired.



The use of Dermal Fillers for all facial work, including Lip Augmentation, is a huge growth industry.  As such, more and more doctors and an increasing number of nurses are entering the field.  So, before you decide who will inject your lips, consider each of the following:

The experience of the injecting doctor is paramount:  Anyone can inject a filler into your lips but it is knowledge, experience and a sense of artistry on the part of the physician as to how much and exactly where the filler needs to be placed to get the desired result.  Don’t be afraid to ask how long he/she has been injecting lips.

An increasing number of clinics are employing nurses to inject dermal fillers but in the best interests of patients, we remain a DOCTOR-ONLY CLINIC!  Although there are some experienced Nurse Injectors, Dermal Fillers are classified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration as S4 Products and accordingly, IT IS ILLEGAL FOR ANY NURSE TO INJECT YOU WITH A DERMAL FILLER UNLESS YOU HAVE FIRST BEEN ASSESSED BY THE DOCTOR OF THAT CLINIC.  SKYPE CONSULTATIONS ARE NOT A RELIABLE SUBSTITUTE.

Your treatments should be essentially painless: Please note that Nurses are NOT permitted by law to administer Local Anaesthetic ‘Blocks’.  Without a Local Anaesthetic Block, your treatment could prove quite painful.  Some nurses apply EMLA cream as an alternative to a ‘block’ but it’s never as effective.

We may not use needles for Lip Augmentations: Instead, we use our special Cannula Technique because it avoids bruising and the “lumpy lips” that often result when a sharp needle is used.

Don’t choose your Injector purely on price and end up going for the cheapest quote.  Experienced doctors may charge slightly more but this is usually a reflection of their skill and experience.  And it is the skill and experience that sets one result apart from another!

Make sure the Dermal Filler you are about to be injected with is GENUINE AND TGA-APPROVED. There have been many reports and warnings about serious complications from cheap, counterfeit Dermal Fillers illegally imported from overseas.  The packaging may suggest that the Filler is genuine but if it isn’t and is just a clever copy, it may contain impurities capable of causing a serious complication.  The safest approach is to only go to reputable clinics and not be tempted by cheap injectable ‘deals’ which could reflect a cheap product illegally imported and potentially unsafe.